ALLA VISTA d'ITALIA - Six Vignettes in 3-D
Designed, written and illustrated by Jacqueline Ernst.
Assembled and hand bound by kenneth holly.

Enter Another Dimension
Step into six of the most captivating cities in Italy when you open this sculptural star. Tied open with ribbons, the volume instantly transforms to an in-the-round showcase of six scenes. Five hidden panels glide out smoothly between each vignette to flag a brief history of every scenic vista. Closed, the eye-catching front cover features a miniature 3-D insert that echoes the full-size pop-up perspective of Florence revealed inside the album.

Designed for shelf storage with your traditional library, the modified concertina features tan cloth-covered boards. Six city scapes painted in watercolor with pen and ink were each designed for full color reproduction. Details of Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Venice and Vernazza open in four hand cut layers. Prose on one side of the pull out panels outlines the significance of each site. Versos detail the edition's inception along with the title page and a colophon numbered and signed by both the artist and binder.


Title: ALLA VISTA d'ITALIA - Six Vignettes in 3-D
Size: 8-1/4" X 8-3/16" X 1-1/2" (closed)
15" diameter (opened in-the-round)
Medium: Concertina star book of three dimensional hand cut paper sculpture.
Original watercolor pen and ink illustrations digitally reproduced in full
Materials: Tan, cloth-covered boards. Contents digitally printed on white 100#
Kelly Digital Color card stock. Six full color illustrations are assembled in four layers. Pull out panels printed in two parts on 100# Kelly Digital Color card stock are glued together and edged with duplex card stock for added durability.
Edition: Limited to 25 copies signed and numbered.
Price: $2500 USD + Insured shipping $25 and Handling $10.



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Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.