A Day In The Park With Jaki

Part of the continuing educational experience at Pig Wings & Promises includes regular chances to practice in real life what you learn in the studio. Students are invited to participate in field trips designed to provide a variety of on-location sketching and writing opportunities. Groups meet at a specified location for lunch and discussion. Then we set out to sketch and study the environment. Sometimes historical tours or pertinent details about flora and fauna

are included in the program to inspire your journal keeping muses. I am on hand from noon to 4 pm. offering guidance to enhance your working skills.

Pre registration is required to receive maps to the site and meeting details.
Cost: $10 per session at local recreation areas to be announced. Click here for upcoming dates and sign up for your Day in the Park with Jaki.

Sketchbook entries shared here were begun during an outing to Shoreline Park with some students. That day, I did indeed wear the Pig Socks pictured in the first frame!

I usually make color and lighting memos next to pencil or ink sketches started on site. Later, at home, I'll fill out more depth and detail based on memory and my written notes.

I also research wild life, architecture, and history encountered during the excursion. Thus my sketched Marsh Tern acquired a name and some additional facts about his habits.

That particular day, we enjoyed a free guided tour of the Rengstorff House interior. I later wrote a recap of the docent's presentation to go under my location sketch of the house.

I encourage my students to look, feel, smell, taste, and listen to their surroundings. Sensory notes augment pictorial entries. Combining words, pictures, and mementos of the day breathes life and character into your journals.

Learn more about Journal and Travel Sketching or Artful Journal Keeping and other Workshops held in the studio.

View more of my illustrated journals at Jaki's Journals. Learn more about me at About the Artist.

Looking forward to having you join one of our workshops or field trips.


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