ICHTHUS SERIES -- Three Schools of Thought
Ichthyicons, Ichthyaphorisms, Ichthesaurus
Written, designed, printed and bound by Jacqueline Ernst

Slippery When Wet
Elusive, colorful, calming to watch, fish feed the body, mind, and soul. Ancient symbols of fertility and talismans of taboo, piscine images inspire and guide.

Curved to fit the hand, each six-inch, smolt-size fish book is served on “ice” in a tagged and ribbon-tied, clear, recyclable food box. All fourteen pages are individually hand cut and drilled to pivot around a brass spiral through the mouth. A feathered lure dangles from a brass ring that doubles as a hanger for wall display or to group the catch as a sculptural clutch. Imprinted with watercolor illustrations of red Koi, blue Zephyr, and yellow Clown Fish, each leathery, 300# Aquarell cover is individually cut, wet-sculpted, and contoured so tails curl and matching covers curve together. Inside covers are finished with color-coordinated acrylic paints. Protective high gloss lacquer keeps each poisson “wet.”

Red and White Koi –

Ichthyicons: Piscine Symbolism (shown open, typical)

Blue Zephyr –

Ichthyaphorisms: Maxims with marine-life metaphors

Yellow Clown Fish –

Ichthesaurus: Synonyms and fishy phrases


Title: ICHTHUS SERIES – Three Schools of Thought
Released: February 2018
Size: 2” x 6” (closed book)
8” x 4” x 3.5” (boxed and tagged)
Format: Fan with 14 hand cut pages
Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, giclee (Epson R2880)
Materials: Covers: 300# Aquarell Watercolor Paper Body: 80# Xerox Bold Digital Cover Satin Brass wire, ring, fishing lure; crinkled plastic wrap; #1 recyclable plastic box; satin ribbon
Edition: 100 signed and numbered
Price: Single fish: $210 + 10 (S/H)
Set of three: $590 + 20 (S/H)


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