Buttons by Jaki Ernst
Create four Wireless Activation Devices to turn on
your Positive, Inquisitive, Grateful (P.I.G.) charms.
Download, cut out Button Fronts, Backs, and Product Tags below.

Be creative! Make things. Share with friends:


Wearable Brooch -- embellish with ribbon, jewels,
safety clasp pin. Or simply glue Button Front to Button
Back, laminate, add safety pin, and wear your Activation Device.

Key Ring Bauble -- For extra durability, print on card stock. Glue Button Front to Button Back. Laminate. Punch hole in one corner. Slip on key ring.

Reminder -- Cut out button front. Add double- stick tape to back side and adhere your Activation Device where a memory jog will best serve you or a friend. Press to turn ON your P.I.G. as needed.

Download free color templates,
artistamps, and cards
direct from the flying piglet.

Click on the Free Flights logo.

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