Kinetic Art Sculpture. A moo-ving testament of your over-the-moon regard for fun. Comes with a shiny gold nose ring. Move the lever and the ox rocks and wags his head. Stand as a tent or hang on a star that unfolds from the back. In a sturdy reinforced envelope. We recommend a padded envelope if you ship.
Blank inside. 5"x 7" x 1/4".

3-D Rocking Ox $60 (tax s/h inc)

Moo Mail. Comes with a packet of 7 sticky-back sentiments (one is blank to write your own) so you can share timely birthday, thank you, anniversary, stay well, congratulations, and thinking of you messages throughout The Year Of The Ox. 5" x 7" cards with red decorated envelopes and packet of sentiments. Set of 5 in a clear sleeve.

Over The Moon Moo Mail Set: $38 (tax s/h inc)

Ruminations. Cowabunga! It's no ox-ident my literary publication cows fake news with more than rudimentary facts about ruminants. Delivered to your U.S. Mail box quarterly throughout the Year Of The Ox, find meaty articles, bullish prose, and true stories condensed in four illustrated pages that entertain, inform, and inspire. 'Steak' you claim to chew the cud. Subscribe now. Get 4 issues of Jaki's edited, expurgated, honest, expertly crafted bull. 11" x 17" folded to 5-1/2"x 8-1/2".

4 issues of Ruminations: $20 (tax s/h inc)

Some Like It Hot! Spicy little cards feature iconic antique tins. Pepper, mustard, and paprika pack a punch with history of each on the back. Blank with decorated red envelopes. 3-5/8" x 4-7/8". Set of 6 includes two of each served in a spice packet.

Spice Tin Greetings $35 (tax s/h inc)

Bright Idea Comes To Life. Fully jointed, moveable paper board sculpture has a hanger and stand that unfold from the back. Helpful template for figure drawing comes in a card stock house to mail or store. A poem describes challenges and triumphs of creative thinking and unfolds in 3 panels with space for your personal message.12-1/2" tall figure is printed on both sides.

Bright Ideas $60 (tax s/h inc)

Flip Your Lid! Celebrate! Top pivots open. Satin ribbon hanger (colors vary). 100# card stock 4-3/4" x 6-1/2". Comes with decorated envelope in a clear sleeve. Takes 1 First Class Stamp.

Flip Your Lid Card $13 (tax s/h inc)

Ham 'n' Cheese book celebrates change with rye humor and RATributes relevant to anyone facing transition or born in a Year Of The Rat. Book: 2-15/16" x 4-1/16", 14 pages on 28# text, 80# cover. In a hammy enclosure with pig's feet. Decorated 3-5/8" x 6-1/2" envelope for mailing. Edition of 40 signed and numbered. In a clear sleeve .

Ham 'n' Cheese $38 (tax s/h inc)

Laminated Book Marks slip over pages so mouse pokes out!
4 per package. Each marker 1-7/8" x 5-1/2." .

Mouse Book Marks: $15.25 (tax s/h inc)

Falling Leaves. Three-panel card has hand cut watercolor leaves. Opens to the left, then to the right to reveal an acrobatic surprise. 4" x 9-1/4" (closed). Decorated #10 envelope. Package of 4 in clear sleeve.

Leaf Cards: $50 (tax s/h inc)

You're So Mice! Inside Sentiment: You curl my tail. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".
Set of 5 with decorated covers in clear sleeve.

You're So Mice: $27 (tax s/h inc)

Red Mice Luminaria. Turn a greeting card into a 3-D gift. 100# card stock unfolds to 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 5-1/2". With decorated envelope. A different red mouse on each of three facets; the fourth reads: Be the candle or be its reflection. Set of 2 in a clear sleeve. Add a tea light or LED for glow!

Set of 2 Red Mice Card/Luminaria: $13 (tax s/h inc)

ON BEING RATTY 3" x 3" x 1/2" hand bound, 36-page concertina, illustrated in watercolor wash over pen & ink (card images below are from 4 pages), Some days you just feel ratty. Salute the "other" days and the special someone who helps you find your own pace in the rat race. Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered.

On Being Ratty: $47 (tax s/h inc)

Cover: OK. It's cheesy... What can I say?
Inside: I'm very fondue you.
Cover: Your thoughtfulness fills me with...
Inside: g-RAT-itude.
Cover: Oh, rats...
Inside: I'm sorry.
Cover: I have 1 thing to say...
Inside: RATS!

RATTY GREETINGS from ON BEING RATTY. 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs).
5" X 7." Decorated envelopes in clear box with ribbon and tag.

Ratty Cards $40 (tax s/h inc)

Luminaria. 100# card stock. Unfolds to 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" high. 2 in a clear sleeve.
Add a tea light or LED for glow!

Set of 2 Floral Luminaria: $13 (tax s/h inc)

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14 April 2021