The following 1-hour lectures include colorful visuals to augment a lively presentation punctuated with historical asides. Jaki always closes with a how-to demonstration of one of her easy-to-follow paper folding, embellishment, or pop-up techniques. Free handouts include written demo instructions, artistamps and booklets. Please schedule lectures at least 4 weeks in advance.
Honorarium: $100

PASSION, PERJURY, POLITICS --  Artists Go Postal for Love
In this age of e-mail, Jaki Ernst celebrates and speaks on a favorite subject -- (snail) Mail Art! Weaving colorful historical anecdotes into a lively presentation of illustrated correspondence by some of the world's most famous artists and authors, Jaki presents an inspiring array of creative possibilities you can incorporate into your own journals, letter writing, and sketchbooks. Discover how to make an impressive Pop Up card to showcase your artwork when Jaki demonstrates an easy-to-follow and useful (not to mention stand up!) paper technique.

The supreme Renaissance Man tells us how to live a fully integrated creative life. Jaki breaks the code to share The Master's discoveries. You'll leave this informative presentation with a whole arsenal of tools to inspire and affirm you artistic muse. Lots of visuals and plenty of insights to help you assimilate DaVinci's techniques. Some journal keeping ideas will inspire you to keep the code!

ABELARD & HELOISE -- Medieval Life Through Art One of the oldest love stories in history is the true and tragic tale of 12th Century Abelard and his teenage paramour. Caught in the social context of their era, these characters became legends in their own time. Their letters and period art reveal much about the way individuals grappled with church, state, and secular interests and how this struggle colored Medieval life. You'll walk away amazed, amused, and enlightened by this peek into the past. Take away artistamps and mail art to embellish your own letters and journal entries.

Fido and Fluffy learn English faster than their guardians learn to speak Canine. But Jaki shares a few tricks to open the communication
channels. Pick up the body language hints your dog has been dropping! Your best friend will thank you! A live doggie demonstration is a possibility. Handouts include nifty stickers and some games to play with your furry pal.


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