Self Mailing Valentine


Opened (inside)

A template for this self mailing, three panel card, clearly shows the fold points and where to position your choice of four different Valentine messages, as well as where to punch the border trim. A heart-shaped punch is used to decorate the edge of the closing flap. If you don't have a heart punch, you can use a regular single hole punch or apply stickers, paint, or lace trim instead. Decorative paper embellishes the inside and outside of this versatile card.

Order the kit and get complete instructions, decorative paper, a selection of four different Valentine messages, red card stock imprinted with the template, a Valentine artistamp, plus a master template printed on white stock so you can imprint your own card stock and create as many Self Mailing Valentines as your heart desires.

Just cut, paste, and punch to create a unique greeting. $5.00 (includes domestic shipping and handling).

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